Terms of Use for Corporations -

Article 1. Application of Terms
Article 2. Revision or Abolition of Terms
Article 3. Subscription for Use
Article 4. Appointment of Person in Charge
Article 5. Registration for Services
Article 6. Issuance of IDs and Passwords
Article 7. Users of IDs and Passwords and Qualifications for Use
Article 8. Usage Fees
Article 9. Cancellation and Suspension of Use of Services
Article 10. User Information
Article 11. Disclosure of Information to Corporate Users
Article 12. Notification of Change
Article 13. Termination
Article 14. Modification, Suspension and Termination of Services
Article 15. Ownership of Rights
Article 16. Delegation of Authority by Users
Article 17. No Assignment
Article 18. Disclaimers of Warranty and Exemptions
Article 19. Confidentiality
Article 20. Severability
Article 21. Withdrawal
Article 22. Governing Law and Jurisdiction