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In regard
to practical training,
it was common to travel to a
training center

Now with state of the
art XR training,
the training center appears
in front of you

The next-generation
digital solution

So Far
From Now on

Transform the future of your work style and lifestyle
Virtual Space allows you to learn from anywhere in the world

A Meeting room or living room at home, the time and place is at your convenience

Training for marine engineers has been limited by the time and place, as it requires specialized trainers and actual ship equipment and systems. INFINITY Training digitally reproduces the equipment needed for training. Making training of the world standard possible anytime, anywhere.

Make effective use of limited time

By reducing travel time and travel costs to distant training centers, you can focus on more important tasks and improve the quality of your lifestyle. 

Contributing to the improvement of the skills of mariners, giving strong support for safe operation Safe, low cost and effective implementation of world standard training

Training of Equipment with Risk Safely Training

Removing the unforgivable dangers of training errors is also possible by operating equipment reproduced in virtual space.

Significantly reduce education and training costs

Training can be realized at the office or at home, contributing to the reduction of education and training costs such as travel.

Effective training system

Improve learning efficiency by experiencing unfamiliar tasks and unknown points repeatedly.
Contributing to the skill improvement of the seafarer.

Cutting-edge XR training

INFINITY Training is an online training program using cutting-edge XR technology. The head-mounted display type wearable computer enables interactive operation with gestures in Mixed Reality, which synchronizes digital information in the real world. Mixed Reality technology is being used in advanced fields in various industries such as medicine and the manufacturing industry, INFINITY Training is the world's first XR training initiative in the marine industry.