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  • Certificate of Completion
      • After completing the courses of INFINITY Training, a certificate of completion will be issued.
        Certificate of completion will help you to show the results of your study, but please note that since INFINITY Training is not an accrediting body, so certificates cannot be used for formal accreditation.
        After completing all curriculum items in the course, the link to the certificate download page in the course page will turn active and indicates that the certificate is ready.
        Click on the download button to display the certificate. In addition, you may be asked to answer a questionnaire at this time.
        Certificates can be saved as .pdf files, so you can easily share your results. The certificate will be displayed as follows.
        You can access to the certificate from the INFINITY Training website and mobile site but not from the mobile app.
        If you complete the course with the mobile app, please login to the website of INFINITY Training from a browser to access the certificate.

  • I have finished the course, but I still cannot access to the certificate.
      • Each curriculum entry must be marked as complete to receive a certificate of completion.
        Please review the course page and make sure that each course item and the required course items are turned gray and marked as complete.

  • What information is listed on each course description page?
      • Each course description page lists the following information as training details.
        ・Course title and fee
        ・Duration and vacancy
        ・Training overview
        ・Qualification to obtain
        ・Requirements for participation
        ・Introduction of instructors
        ・Requirements for completion
        ・Usage environment, notes, and Terms of Use

  • What learning methods are available?
      • Available learning methods are as follows.
        ・Self-learning: Self-study using videos and course materials
        ・Self-training: Virtual training using HoloLens
        ・Virtual face-to-face (VF2F): Practice test using HoloLens by our instructor
        There are also small-exams, exercise tests, assignments, etc. so that learners can learn fully.

  • I turned on Hololen, but nothing gets displayed.
      • In order to display the menu, conduct bloom (put your fist forward, open up your palm toward the ceiling, and move your palm) and select applications.
        In order to check if HoloLens is turned on, please check the back of the HoloLens to see if the indicator above the power button is lighted up.
        If the light is not on, press down the power button to start HoloLens.
        After pressing down the power button and you see only one indicator light on, then that means HoloLens does not have enough battery, so please charge the device.
        Try turning it on again after the charge.

  • After starting an application and leaving it for a while, it is not responding.
      • It is possible that the sleep mode is on. In order to restart HoloLens, please press down on the power button.

  • Why can I end the application half way through?
      • Conduct bloom (put your fist forward, open up your palm toward the ceiling, and move your palm) and tap on the “HOME” button.
        In order to restart the application, there is Window or Object at the start-up location, so you can air tap it in order to start the application.

  • When you cannot participate in VF2F
      • You can modify from MYpage of INFINITY if you can book it within the time frame for completion of the course.
        If you cannot take the class within the timeframe, please contact your trainer.

  • I cannot do air tap.
      • While wearing HoloLens, point your figure to the ceiling.
        You will see eye point cursor change from a white dot to a white circle.
        While your figure being extended, bring it forward. By doing it so, the eye point cursor will become a white dot again.
        Bring the figure back to where it was.
        The cursor will become a white circle again. This entire series of movements will complete air tap.
        While doing these movements, please focus your eyes on the object and maintain your focus.

  • Does it recognize air tap even if I am left handed?
      • Air tap is possible with right or left hands.

  • Credit cards available
      • Most of major international credit cards are available (such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).

  • Payment in cash and bank transfer
      • Payment in cash and bank transfer including invoice issuance/delivery is unavailable for INFINITY Training.