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“Terms of Use for JRCS INFINITY Training”

JRCS CO. Ltd. (“JRCS”) stipulates the following terms of use (these “Terms of Use”) concerning the use of the online services, which are provided via the “JRCS CO. Ltd. INFINITY Training” operated by JRCS (the “Services”), by the potential subscribers and users thereof (collectively, “Users”).
Users shall subscribe for the Services after having agreed to the provisions of these Terms of Use and the privacy policy separately stipulated by JRCS (; the “Privacy Policy”).

Article 1. Scope of Terms of Use

Article 2. Membership Registration

Article 3. Change in Registered Information

Article 4. Usage Period

Article 5. Usage Fees

Article 6. Services

Article 7. System Use and Recommended Environment for Use

Article 8. Prohibited Acts

Article 9. Responses to Prohibited Acts

Article 10. Change in Details of Services

Article 11. Application for Suspension and Withdrawal

Article 12. Notice by Email

Article 13. Handling of Registered Information

Article 14. Discontinuation and Termination of Services

Article 15. Liability for Damage

Article 16. Intellectual Property, Etc.

Article 17. Disclaimer

Article 18. Indication of Dates and Times in Relation to Services

Article 19. Change in Terms of Use

Article 20. Confidentiality

Article 21. Severability

Article 22. Governing Law and Agreed-Upon Court of Exclusive Jurisdiction