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High Voltage
Switchboard Training

One stop from the basics of a high voltage switchboard to the actual work and completion certification

High Voltage Switchboard Training is a STCW-compliant training program that has been certified by Classification Societies and is an online training system for acquiring high-voltage switchboard handling technology. Virtual high-voltage switchboards and devices reproduced using cutting-edge XR technology have achieved one-stop from the basics of handling of high-voltage switchboards to actual work, final exams and technical certification over the boundaries of time and place.
The program consists of Self Learning, Self Training, and Virtual Face to Face.

Self Learning

Programs with which to learn the right expertise from the basics of high-voltage switchboards

Self Learning is a video program that teaches how to handle high voltage switchboards. Working with a high voltage switchboard carrying 6.6 kV current is dangerous and requires the correct expertise. From the basics, you can learn at your own pace how to carry out safe and practical work.

Sample video of Self Learning

Integrating the future of work and life

Self Training

A program that repeatedly gives experience of the actual work with XR technology

Self Training is a program that “experiences” the handling process using a virtual high voltage switchboard that is faithfully reproduced with XR technology.
We have made it possible to take practical training that can not be experienced with texts and videos, using state-of-the-art technology, regardless of time or place. You can experience the actual work repeatedly with the high voltage switchboard that appears in your home, office or meeting room.

Sample video of Self Training

Integrating the future of work and life


A program to learn skills while interacting with a lecturer in a virtual space

We have realized technical training and final exams in virtual space with VF2F (Virtual Face to Face).
Participants from around the world participate in a virtual space online and interact with the instructor using a virtual high-voltage switchboard to conduct final confirmation and examination of expertise and technology.
By having the instructor check and correct the level of knowledge and skills that differ depending on the trainee, the trainee can acquire more accurate skills.
Passing the final exam with VF2F will give you a certificate of completion of the class certification.

Sample video of VF2F

Integrating the future of work and life